What you must pay attention to when using a baby high chair

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When should a baby start using a high chair?

The standard age for babies to use a high chair is between 4 and 6 months. However, each baby is different. Some can start using a high chair earlier than others, while some infants will need time to sit on one. If you want to start sooner, consider using a high reclining chair.
Caution: Do not rush the process as it can damage your child’s back. Only sit your child on a high chair if they are of age and comfortable on one.

Are high chairs necessary?

A high baby chair is not necessary for the first months of delivery. During the first four months, mothers are focused on breastfeeding and nursing children. However, five months down the line, mothers ought to get a high chair for the children. A baby high chair is necessary when the child starts consuming solid food — usually six months after birth. The baby chair will serve you for the next two years or beyond, depending on the seat.

What should I pay attention to when getting a baby high chair?

Your baby’s safety is paramount when selecting any baby furniture, toy, or clothing. If it’s not safe for them, then it’s not worth it. So, with that in mind, look for a high chair with a safety restraint system. The chair should be safe in the following ways:

  • It shouldn’t pinch nor be scratchy; instead, it should be soft and comfortable.
  • The chair should be stable and not wobbly.
  • It should be certified.
  • It has a safety restraint system; that is, if it has wheels, then it can’t move around.

What are my high baby chair choices?

  • Traditional High Chair: These are standalone units with long legs. They raise babies to the level of a dining table. Most of these chairs are reclined to help support babies who can’t sit upright.
  • Space-Saving High Chair: These chairs are characterized by their buckles attaching and removable trays. Most of them can convert into a booster seat when your child is older.
  • Honorable mentions: Hook-On High Chairs, Booster Seats, and Antique High Chairs.

How do I keep my baby in a high chair?

Babies tend to be jumpy and all over the place. As such, this makes it hard to keep them restrained to a chair for a while. If you have a super active baby, use small toys, they love to take their mind off the chair. As such, this will keep them entertained enough to finish a whole meal.

Pro tip: Use a toy depending on your child’s age. If they are “super active,” bring them their stuffed animals or fidget spinners to play with. On the other hand, if they are a bit older, get them a small car to wheel around the table. Last but not least, pretend to feed the animals if they don’t want to eat. Baby’s love attention and will get jealous of this act. As such, this will make your feeding experience easier.