Car seats

Whenever a family is taking a trip by car especially when there are children involved, it is always advisable to keep your kid safe by ensuring you install car seats. There has been researching showing that when an accident occurs thousands of children die or fatally injured.

There are some things you need to consider when installing your car seats such as the age of your children. Age group is one of the factors to consider, for instance, toddlers will need a different type of a seat car compared to infants and older kids.

When the family takes a trip by car, the child seats in the car. The seat belt is locked tight. The seat can either be installed or inbuilt. When travelling such tips must be put into consideration:

  • I ensure the seat belt is tight, however, ensure there is some space to help the child move comfortably.
  • I make sure that the child is wearing the right clothes.
  • I ensure the children are seated at the right angle to avoid accidents in case of emergency breaks.

When travelling it’s common for children’s legs to touch the seats, this worries a lot of parents, but I make sure they bend their legs while facing the rear seat. This position makes the children comfortable.
When I happen to be travelling on long trips, I always make sure I stop the car to get into contact with my kids to get to know how they are doing. This position is critical especially when the kids get asleep in the middle of the trip. Children might interfere with the car seats, like the maxi cosi tobi, without your knowledge hence stopping for a few minutes and check after them is always a priority.

Some times the children become stubborn especially the toddler since they want to see around or interfere with things. What I usually do I try to give those toys to destruct them a little? As we were travelling, I realise baby c was starting to doze off this a bit challenging since we had a long way to go. I had to stop and relocate the child to a back seat where he would be comfortable while sleeping. Also, I had to change baby b to the front seat so she could allow baby c to rest peacefully. After we had continued with the trip, I had to ensure I kept an eye to the sleeping child to ensure the car seat does not exhaust him.